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Mukund Parmar is Young, Creative, Confident, Result Oriented, Dynamic, Visionary, Ethical, and Truthful and helpful  and 100 % honest Human being. He holds an MBA in Marketing(1992) from South Gujarat University, Surat. and has vast experience in Packaging Industries. He completed his BBA in 1990 from Vallabh Vidhyanagar( Education Nagari of Gujarat ) Mr. Mukund Parmar started Emkay Flexipack (Now, it's Emkay Packaging) on 5th January, 1996 as a trading concern with objective of serving flexible packaging industry.  After that Mr. Parmar took over the management of Unnat Food Products for manufacturing quality noodles and launched quality noodles in market with brand name EMKAY. How the name Emkay has came is also a history; but to know the history, one has to sit personally with Mr. Mukund Parmar.

Emkay group has now Emkay Packaging, Emkay Noodles, Emkay LIVE Pure Ghee, Emkay Restaurant and Unnat Food Products. Will be added more and more as creative growth is the attitude of Mr. Parmar. Emkay is known for Ethics and Truthfulness. Late Mr. A K Parmar, father of Mukund Parmar, was a Dy. Collector and was known for his ethics and truthfulness. He was 100 % honest and given the same culture to his both sons, Mukund Parmar and Dr. Jitendra Parmar. Mr. Mukund Parmar and his brother, both have pride on their own ethics. Nobody can break these principles. and that is why Mr. parmar is confident about ethics and truthfulness. Emkay is a culture. Emkay Means Quality. Emkay not only speaks quality, But deliver quality. Emkay brand supplies only natural and original quality products. Emkay do not believe in mixing or milavat. No compromise on quality. Not a single % of mixing. only 100 % pure. Emkay Noodles, Emkay Pure Ghee are having quality mark of this ethical culture and that is why Emkay products are 100 % pure.

Emkay , the  word itself reflects something creative. It is not simply mentioned as M.K. but it is EMKAY. Emkay is known for it's ethics and truthfulness. Mr. Mukund Parmar always insists on ethics and truthfulness. Just pure business with ethics.

Emkay Flexi Pack was started on 5th January 1996. It was the period of Kamurta in which period Gujarati people does not start new activities. But due to clear strategies and mission in the mind, Mr. Mukund Parmar started this Organization. He always believes in hard workmanship. Continuous efforts of man and blessing of God results in success. He always believes in good and friendly relations whether it is for society or business. Due to better relations people gets business and after hard workmanship (timely delivery of quality products consistently) will turn into growing business. Good and friendly relations backed by ethical business turn into good business house.

A small concern can teach you all aspects of management, like purchase, production, marketing, banking etc. It gives you final touch in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Mr. Parmar as a Gujarati, was only interested in his own business, and that is the outcome of Emkay.

He served an industry first for three and half year in Gujarat based Flexible Packaging Concerns and after having practical experience in this Industry he started Emkay Flexi Pack on 5th Jan 1996 as a small trading concern, which was operated from residence and it was one man show only. It was started without any finance, without any loans. But as he believes in God blessings and hard work, now Emkay Packaging is leading manufacturer in Flexible Packaging Industries of Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA). For details, visit

Emkay Group : Since 1996 : Always Truthful : Growth is The Mantra

1. Emkay Packaging :  Manufacturer of Flexible Packaging Materials ( visit : )

For Your Packaging Material Needs,  Contact : Mr. pankaj patel Mob. 098240 36646

2. Emkay Food Products : Marketing Of Emkay Brand Noodles ( also visit :, )

For Distributorship, Contact Mr. Mukund Parmar Mob. 098250 12487

3. Emkay Quality Foods : A Quality Food Junction ( Quality restaurant in Ahmedabad )

4. Emkay Food Products ( Ghee Division ) : India's 1st Exclusive LIVE Pure Ghee Retail Shop : Emkay Pure Ghee ( visit : )

Contact Mr. Kamal Mob. 098797 78841

5. Unnat Food Products : Mfg. of Quality Noodles

Contact Emkay Food products

Mukund Parmar is a Pentothygorist. It is related to spiritualism, the utmost spiritualism. He has done all Mind Power workshops. He has done all spiritual Sadhnas, including PANINI Sadhana.  He is also a good learner. He says that we are a student till death. Everyday He feels that he is a student. He is a workaholic. He can't be free, even on holidays, whether to work for business or society.



Mukund Parmar is also a politician. He is actively involved with Great Congress Party. He is General Secretary of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (Economic & Affairs Department - Business & Industry). He is also a Master Trainer of JNLI (Jawaharlal Nehru Leadership Institute). He is very helpful human being and has many instances where he has helped many people. He had enjoyed 3 nights in police station and 6 nights is central jail, sabarmati, Ahmedabad for Octroi agitation. Octroi was removed from all major cities of Gujarat due to active efforts of Mukund Parmar. Mukund Parmar has active done many agitations, including this octroi agitation. Mr. parmar is 100 % honest and truthful. He is involved in politics not for money. He just believe in self contribution to politics. People always discuss politics, but contribution is more important than discussion.

Why Congress ?

" At the time of Babri Masjid Demolitioin, Yonger brother asked Me that I am not HINDU after using abused words. Psychologically and scientifically, we both are real brothers and son of a real Krishna Bhakta Mr. A K Parmar and Smt. Parvati Parmar. I convinced him logically that you are asking is a divisional philosophy of BJP. Congress believes in Love and respect with everyone. If two Hindu brothers are fighting in Ram-Laxman's India, Other issues are very normal. Just a chingari is needed and fire comes out.  " " This instance sparks my mind and some reflection entered. Something was created that day. That day was the born and understands the philosophy of congress."  Mukund Parmar

Mr. parmar entered into politics and had great instance also. That story of entering into politics is be heard from the mouth of Mr. Parmar. He entered in Dec.'2002 at the time of election. The result came and then entered in active politics.


a)  General Secretary, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (Business Cell)

b)  Ex-Chairman, Gujarat Pradesh Youth Congress (Business Cell)

c) Chief Organizer, Human Rights Committee (Affli. AICC) Ahmedabad

d) Ex-In-charge Vice-President, Gujarat Pradesh Youth Congress (Complain Cell)

e) Ex-Vice President, Ahmedabad District Youth Congress, Ahmedabad.

f) Vice President, AUDA Vistar Lari Galla Mahasamiti

g) Chief Organisor, Ahmedabad Panchkuva Maskati Hath lari Mandal

h) Member, AUDA Vistar Khedut Hitrakshak Samiti

i) Member, AUDA Vistar Nagrik Hitrakshak Samiti





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Emkay Flexi Pack was initiated by Mr. Mukund Parmar, on 5th January 1996. He is young and dynamic and holds an MBA in Marketing and has vast experience in Packaging Industries. It started as a trading concern with objective of serving flexible packaging industry. Backed by a good client base and practical experience in flexible packaging, Mr. Mukund Parmar...


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